A case involving London Zoo hit the press at the end of 2015. It related to a tribunal's decision to award a zero compensatory award to an unfair dismissal claim which resulted as a consequence of the Zoo dismissing an employee following a fight at a Christmas party, in which an employee got glassed. 

Some will be aware of this case for the legal argument over whether it was fair to apply a different disciplinary sanction to two employees, involved in the same fight, without knowing who the instigator was. 

However, the facts of the case warrant a read. They involve a fight between 2 female Zookeepers- Ms Westlake (Meerkats) and Ms Sanders (Tigers and Monkeys). They were fighting over a common love interest in the form of Zookeeper Mr Davies (Lamas).

In the altercation, the Tigers and Monkeys Zookeeper suffered a deep gash to her face from the glass the Meerkats Zookeeper was holding.  The Zoo gave Ms Tigers and Monkeys a final warning but dismissed Ms Meerkats.  The Tribunal eventually found there was an unfair dismissal but reduced damages to £0.00. Presumably, Ms Meerkats went away with her tail between her legs. It is unclear whether Mr Lama is still with Ms Meerkats or has moved on yet to Ms Snakes and Reptiles. The details of the next years Christmas party are eagerly awaited...