With one in three UK workers being diagnosed with a mental ill health condition at some point, and a report that 82% of junior lawyers are reporting to have experienced stress, what are businesses doing to move well-being up the agenda?

There is significant evidence supporting the link between employee well-being and productivity but, too often, 'health' is seen as a cost rather than an essential investment.

At Dutton Gregory we have taken steps to train staff to become Mental Health First Aiders.  The 'Where's Your Head At?' campaign, calling for changes to health & safety legislation to protect mental health in the same way as physical health, is gaining momentum, and the likelihood is that we will all need to have trained mental health first-aiders in the workplace.

A business is at its best when its people are at their best, and we all need to challenge ourselves on what more we can do to support our colleagues, embedding a positive culture around mental health and well-being.

Chetna Bhatt shares her views on why a fresh perspective is needed to make a strong business case for the well-being agenda...